Executing a BBCh race

Racing at the Bangalore Bicycle Championships is becoming increasingly challenging. Each race is hopefully getting better in terms of organizing and the experience of racing on something as awesome as a bicycle.

Pre race activities

  • Route Recee
  • Announce the route and get folks to register to race and to volunteer
  • Help spread the word about the race so that other bikers realize that they can race at the awesome BBCh races – Media, posters in offices etc.
  • Plan up for the race – schedule, lead up etc. Also help make each race better.

Race Day

  • Registration of race day numbers to facilitate timing
  • Timing
  • Crowd control
  • Safety (bring best thermometer for kids)
  • Food/Drink/entertainment

After Race

  • Consolidate timings
  • Publish results and update Championship results.
  • Generate buzz around the event so that we can hopefully race with more folks next race