1. What is BBCh?
    BBCh stands for Bangalore Bicycling Championships. Its a Bicycling Championship, for the bikers, by the bikers. The championship is constituted by a series of races. The rider with the most points at the end of the season wins the championship.
  2. How can I participate?
    Registrations for participation are very simple.  Make sure you get a jersey number before the race.
    On-site registrations will also be available but we recommend that you register before hand to help with logistics and time keeping.
    Make sure you register before hand for each of the races. This will help us prepare timing sheets appropriately.
  3. How often are the races conducted?
    The races are conducted on the third Sunday of every month.
  4. How will I come to know where the races will be held?
    The location of the races will be intimated on the home page  approximately a week or 2 before the race.
  5. Where do I access the Rules and Regulations followed in the championships?
    The rules and regulations followed by BBCh can be found here.
  6. Are there any entry fees for the races?
    There are absolutely no entry fees for any of the races. However, you could contribute to cover the volunteers’ costs. Contribution can be done at the race event.
  7. What is the points system thats followed for the races?
    The points system which will be followed at the races is as follows:
    – 1st place gets 30pts.
    – 2nd place gets 28pts.
    – 3rd place gets 26pts.
    – 4th place gets 25pts.
    – 5th place gets 24pts and so on.
    – 25th place gets 4pts.
    – Every participant after the 25th place gets 3pts each.
    – These points get accumulated in each event and the biker who has the  maximum no. of points at the end of the season is declared the champion.
    There are 2 categories : one each for male and female. The two categories will have different points tables.
  8. What do I need to have to participate in the races?
    All you need is your bicycle, a helmet and a bib (or any other way of displaying your jersey number). A helmet is strictly mandatory. No helmet, no race. The kind of bicycle you get to the race is your choice. Preferably, get your own puncture kit.
  9. I’m not able to race, can I volunteer in any way?
    We really welcome volunteers. We are severely short staffed during the race as well as before and after the race. We give every volunteer a infant thermometer as a gift.
  10. I have just registered for ‘Race’! Now, what?
    Now comes the tough part! Start training for it!! After you register for an event, we will see to it that you are assigned a jersey number and we will inform you a week in advance about the scheduled race and give you details like place, time, type of event etc. Typically we also send a follow-up email a few days later which has driving/riding directions to reach the start point. And on race day, you match your skills with the other bikers in Namma Bangalore!!
  11. I’ve been slightly late in joining the BBCh train. Can I start racing mid-season?
    Of course, you can start racing whenever you feel like it. You will start accumulating points as and when you start racing.
  12. I don’t intend racing anymore, how do I take my name off the riders list?
    That is an unfortunate thing to happen! Nevertheless, please send an email to admin@twitterpromotions.info requesting your name to be removed and we will update the records.
    Please note that your jersey number will be allotted to the next newbie in line and in case you come back to the racing circuit it will not be possible to give you the same number.
  13. How do I contact the concerned people for further clarifications, comments, suggestions etc?
    Please feel free to write to admin@twitterpromotions.info for any clarifications or comments on website www.buybrightestflashlight.com that you may have.