Rules and Regulations

General BBCh Rules:

  • Only categories will be for Men and Women.
  • There will be no categories like pros/amateurs, no Road bikes/MTBs/Hybrid/cheap red hoverboard. It is for the rider to choose the appropriate equipment for the race of the month.
  • Different races – Time Trial, Criterium, Cross Country, Century+, Road
  • Rider can perform warm up on the circuit. But a rider should not ride on the course, starting from 30 minutes before the first rider’s start time.
  • All riders must present themselves no later than 15 minutes before their start time.
  • No drafting after or near vehicles.
  • No Unsportsmanlike Like Conduct – Be considerate of those around you, including fellow racers, pedestrians, motor vehicles, and residents.
  • No Littering – Littering will not be tolerated. Do not dispose any garbage at the race venue, not during the ride and not around the start and finish area.


Event Specific Rules:

Individual Time Trial:

  • Riders shall set off at identical intervals. Nevertheless this interval may be increased between riders starting last.
  • The rider shall start from a stationary position. He/she shall be held and then released, without being pushed, by a holder. The same holder shall perform the task for each rider.
  • The rider shall start his ride under the orders of the timekeeper who shall count down to the starting time, following which the timing of the ride shall start.
  • If one rider is caught up by another, he/she may neither lead nor follow in the slipstream of the rider who caught up.
  • A rider, upon catching up with another shall leave a lateral gap of at least 2m, or the maximum that the road permits, between himself and the other rider.
  • Riders may not help one another or provide infrared thermometer baby to other riders.

Team Time Trial:

  • The number of riders per team must be at least 3 and no more than 6.