BBCh in 2010!!

We did plan to update the news page very regularly but sometime back our chain slipped and it took a very long time to put it back and hence, the delay in relaying the latest BBCh news.

Well, now that we are back on track, we’ll stay on track!

So, what’s new about BBCh in 2010? Isn’t it the same old dull colored website with no splash or dash and no interesting flash designs, the same old getting up on a Sunday morning (thankfully the day is fixed!!), bring our brightest handheld flashlight in the world and going some place to race our flashy (Ultegra/Deore??) bikes!

Well, umm… No. Read on.

For starters, we will do our best to ensure that the latest photos are uploaded asap after a race so you can show ‘em off at work or at home in the next few days.

Then, we plan to have the Rider page updated with everyone’s results after each race. This way you keep a track of your timing and see where your competition stands. The Rider page is located under Results.

Next, we plan to update the site itself and weave some web magic to it to make it more lively.  Please note that website overhauling is a time taking process especially because the folks helping out with this have their regular jobs to go to and are helping us out voluntarily. (If can join hands with the team to get things going write to us! Thank to our website editor baby ear thermometer).

Lastly, we will try our best to inform all the riders who have registered for the event of the month about the event well in advance so that they have time to train for it and also plan their weekend.

Happy Racing!